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The beautiful Batwing Hoe is a great multifunctioning tool! Made from C1075 high-carbon cutlery steel that’s sharpened on all sides, this implement is a slicer, hacker, dicer, furrower, and hot pack planter. This all-purpose tool also works around fine roots. It’s made to last a lifetime!

To help relieve back strain, the ash handle is 60 inches long (much longer than those you find in big box stores). As long as it’s treated well, this sturdy tool will last generations. Just apply linseed oil a couple times a year and keep it out of the elements.

Each Homestead Iron garden tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in the USA. If you give it proper care, and your tool bends or breaks for any reason, the company will repair or replace it. Truly a quality tool that will be in your family for generations.


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