One of the most comforting sensations is walking into your home and smelling the delicious aroma of homemade bread in the oven. Whether it's being made on a cold winter day to dunk in your soup, or during the summer for those refreshing sandwiches at lunchtime, homemade breads of all types and varieties offer something everyone should enjoy. Grit Guide to Homemade Bread, 4th Edition provides more than 57 keys to successfully making bread, from sourdough bread to pizza crust, from bagels to pretzels and more. With the 111 recipes inside this 100-page guide, you and your whole family can enjoy the benefits of homemade bread.

Discover how bread works and the secrets to cultivating yeast and developing gluten. Read how you can go gluten-free and learn seven easy steps for an easy transition. Don't throw away your dry, brittle bread; follow these fresh recipes to give it new life. Learn how you can go completely homemade by choosing a grain mill and grinding your own flour. Follow step-by-step instructions to build an easy adobe cooker in one weekend, and so much more.

More articles include:

  • Break Your Fast With Bread: A hearty breakfast keeps you going all morning, and what better way to start the day than with homemade bread?
  • Baking Bread in Five Minutes a Day: How one wife, mother, farmer, freelance designer and writer puts fresh homemade bread on the dinner table daily.
  • Pizza Perfection: Forget takeout and turn your kitchen into a pizzeria.
  • Begging for Bagels: Boiled breads - like bagels, pretzels and dumplings - turn out soft and chewy.
  • Cornmeal to Cornbread: A chunk of this savory yet sweet concoction makes a meal all by itself.
  • Something Sweet: A touch of sugar adds a touch of home to delicious breads.
  • Flatbread Fiesta!: Whether you call it tortilla, naan, matzo or Yorkshire pudding, there's a version in every culture.

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