Imagine what you could do with 18 delicious new greens in your dining arsenal, including purslane, chickweed, curly dock, wild spinach, sorrel and wild mustard.

John Kallas makes it fun and easy to learn about foods you've unknowingly passed by all your life. Through gorgeous photographs, playful (but authoritative) text and ground-breaking design, he gives you the knowledge and confidence to finally begin eating and enjoying edible wild plants.

Edible Wild Plants divides plants into four flavor categories: foundation, tart, pungent and bitter. Categorizing by flavor helps readers use these greens in pleasing ways and make the best salads.

This field guide is essential for anyone wanting to incorporate more natural and whole foods into their diet. It includes nutrient tables that directly compare wild foods to domesticated greens. Whether looking to enhance a diet or identify which plants can be eaten for survival, readers can use the extensive information on wild foods to determine the appropriate stage of growth and how to properly prepare these highly nutritious greens.

Category: Gardening

Author: John Kallas

Pages: 416

Format: Paperback

Weight: 2.1

Item Number: 7517

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