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In Praise of the Pumpkin

By Randel A. Agrella

Explore Autumn's ubiquitous squash. The pumpkin is a fall fruit with a rich heritage and flexible flavor that has been used for centuries.

Time to Save Seeds

By Emilee Gettle

Emilee Gettle discusses the importance of seed saving and encourages all to save seeds for our children to inherit.

Changing Seasons: Fall vs. Summer Harvesting

By Emilee Gettle

The changing of the seasons means the varieties available in your garden are changing, too.

Winter Winds and Spring Gardens

By Emilee Gettle

Emilee Gettle talks about winter hitting the homestead, and what you can begin doing — even surrounded by ice — to plan for your spring garden.


Jardins Ouvriers

By Irina Stoenescu

The story of workers’ gardens in France, and enlightened priest, and world wars.

Mountain Bummy’s Rare Squash

By William Woys Weaver

Rediscovering a unique Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom locally know as Mountian Bummy squash, named after the nickname of the man who discovered it.

Community Orchards

By Barbara Berst Adams

Growing interest in community gardens and community orchards has led to an increase in community-oriented agriculture.

Traveling With Edible Flowers in Punjab

By Anna Ćwiklinska

From college classrooms to flower fields, Anna Ćwiklinska attends an Indian wedding where some edible flower dishes were served in an unforgettable way.

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