Inspirational interviews, farm and garden tours, and more.

Saving Seeds, Saving Cultures

By Haley Casey

This seed-keeping company doesn’t just keep heirloom plants safe from hybridization, it brings ancestral crops back to the people whose cultures kept them alive.

Painting, Planning, and the Process

Group editor, Jean Denney, discusses her plans for getting through the winter and finding inspiration for a spring garden.

The American Horticultural Society 2018 Book Awards

By Jordan Carley

The 2018 picks for the American Horticultural Society’s Book Award have arrived, and they represent a wide range of gardening topics.

Table for One

By Jordan Carley

Garden for a small household — and avoid a harvest that overwhelms your kitchen — by following these handy tips from Heirloom Gardener readers.


Successful Urban Bumblebees

By Jordan Carley

While most wildlife suffers from increased human contact, bumblebees have adapted surprisingly well to urban life, according to a recent European study.

Sustainable Agriculture Returns to Koraput

By Jordan Carley

Women's collectives in Odisha, India are working to re-establish traditional permaculture methods and to introduce drought-resistant crops.

Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature

By Abigail Willis

Learn about the creation of the useful system we use to classify and categorize plants.

Origins of the Gardeners’ Almanac

By Abigail Willis

Many gardeners have come to rely on the guidance of the annual almanac; discovery the history of its creation!

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