Inspirational interviews, farm and garden tours, and more.

Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature

By Abigail Willis

Learn about the creation of the useful system we use to classify and categorize plants.

Origins of the Gardeners’ Almanac

By Abigail Willis

Many gardeners have come to rely on the guidance of the annual almanac; discovery the history of its creation!

A Brief History of Plant Hunters

By Abigail Willis

How the precarious adventures of botanists have shaped gardening as we know it today.

Early Women Gardeners

By Abigail Willis

From hobby to hard work, women entered the fields of horticulture and botany with great enthusiasm, though facing the same setbacks as in other industries.


The Glass Flowers

By Benjamin Whitacre

The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants at Harvard University, commonly known as the “Glass Flowers,” preserves the past and inspires a future for hundreds of heirloom plants.

The ‘Gilfeather’ Turnip: A Vermont Heirloom Variety

By Haley Casey

Learn how this root vegetable’s unique appearance, taste, and history have made it a source of pride for one small Vermont town.

Things My Grandma Taught Me

By Cathy Pouria

Lessons passed down about life and gardening.

Homegrown Olive Oil Business

By Rebecca Martin

One small family has built a big business by growing olives and pressing its own extra-virgin oil.

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