Reminiscing on the Wonderful Summer Memories of Our Childhood

Editor in Chief Emilee Gettle reminisces on childhood summers and the importance of continuing offering those experiences to future generations.

| Summer 2014

Dear friends,

As a kid, I was always eager for the arrival of summer. No more school! No more homework! Afternoons were spent on the Slip 'N Slide or running through the sprinkler.

As the balmy days turned from warm to hot, the Fourth of July would creep upon us, and I always walked down our gravel road and picked tiger lilies from the ditch to take to my grandma’s house for our family barbeque. We always had quite a feast — from homegrown corn on the cob, to juicy watermelon that instantly split under the slightest touch of a knife.

As we grow older, life has a way of speeding up. Before we know it, those childhood summer afternoons that seemed to drag endlessly on are just fond memories to be revisited. It is amazing how oftentimes memories of good times are interwoven with food. Watermelons and tomatoes are the iconic fruits of summer. The dog days just aren't complete until you can spit a few watermelon seeds. Generations of farmers and home gardeners have treated their families to the juicy goodness of heirlooms.

Now that I am a mom, I want to make sure my girls are able to make their own sweet summer memories. I plan on keeping those family and food traditions alive for my girls. You can be sure that a sprinkler will be in the mix, along with some ‘Orangeglo’ and ‘Ali Baba’ watermelons.

Speaking of traditional summer activities, do you remember what an old fashioned fair is like? The fairs of today are a horse of a different color. Now it is about cheap rides, chintzy trinkets and chemically processed food.

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