Plant Profiles

Heirloom plant profiles. Categories include edible, fiber, medicinal and ornamental.

The Great Cherry Tomato Challenge of 2018

By Laura Flacks-Narrol

This year we grew out a bunch of different cherry tomatoes. Check out which did the best.

The Great Colorful Tomato Challenge of 2018

By Laura Flacks-Narrol

We grew a bunch of different colorful tomatoes to see which is the best. Find out more.

The Great Roma Tomato Challenge of 2018

By Laura Flacks-Narrol

I grew a bunch of Roma Tomatoes and here is how they all turned out.

Family Heirlooms: Hops, Gold Dust, Peonies, and More

Heirloom Gardener Editors

Readers share stories of treasured family plants passed down for generations.


Herbaceous Plants with Bulbs

Read the beginners guide to plants with bulbs, including onions and daffodils. With vibrant illustrations, Botanicum lays out the wonders in the world of botany.

Practical and Decorative Uses for Air Plants

By David H. Benzing

Discover how this unique and beautiful group of plants can be used as more than a decoration.

For the Love of a Bulb

By Keenan Fletcher

The unique and intrinsic value in heirloom gardens cultivated from childhood, manifested into the love of heirloom bulbs.

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