Winter Garden Foraging

| 1/20/2017 12:00:00 AM

For gardeners lucky enough to live in seasonal growing climates, Winter fields offer respite from intense cultivating and singular beauty that echoes growers’ time of reflection and renewal.  In my neck of the Western North Carolina woods, January is not typically a productive gardening month; however, 2017 ushered in unseasonably warm temperatures after a lush snowfall, encouraging growth and offering abundant “free food” for foragers who know where to look.


 Creasy Greens grow abundantly in Winter fields throughout the Southeastern US

A few days ago, as Richard and I walked through Heart & Sole Gardens’ winter fields, we made plans to plow, till and plant.  We discussed where to move tall cages and noted muddy imprints that indicated a rise in deer population, probably foreshadows for a Summer crop battle.  Tucked amid dried grass and the last standing popcorn stalks, we discovered a patch of lush greenery.  Grabbing a basket and snippers, our hands worked to gather these crispy leaves, a type of wild cress that packs flavorful punch, along with a healthy dose of nutritional goodness.

creasy green pesto

Ingredients for fresh Creasy Greens pesto