Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Profitable, Small-Scale Flower Farming

By Erin Benzakein

Cut flowers are one of the highest-grossing crops per acre. Create a debt-free farm and surround yourself with beauty by following this expert advice.

The Year of Missing Martins

By Cindy Barlowe

Gardening requires a leap of faith and keeps gardeners humble when forces of nature cause crops to fail. Each year's challenges present disappointment, but also deliver joy with successful harvests. When migratory Purple Martins are absent, is it possible for other creatures to replace their company?

Potato Portal

By Cindy Barlowe

Planting potatoes conjures childhood memories, inspiring a gardener to pass along a grandfather's instructions to another generation.

Ivan Tomato, 2nd Year: From Kitchen Window to Market Booth

By Laura Flacks-Narrol

The story continues with the second year of the Ivan Tomato Rescue Project. Learn how we started an entire market booth worth of plants from my kitchen windows.


Spring 2017 Gardener's Almanac

By the Heirloom Gardener Editors

Mark your calendars — here are the dates to remember in spring 2017!

Coir in the Garden

By Rebecca Warner

Try using coir— the pith from coconut processing that’s more sustainable than peat moss and just as effective as a growing medium.

And So the New Year Begins...

By Sherry Smith

It's winter, and the garden beds are no longer filled with tomatoes and peppers, but gardeners never stop gardening.

Wishful Thinking

By Cindy Barlowe

Seed catalogs are to adult gardeners what Christmas wish books are to children. Colorful photographs and intriguing descriptions make it difficult to resist temptation, even for those who grow large gardens.

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