Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Advice for Growing Miniature Fruit Trees

By Mary Lou Shaw

Follow these tips from homesteader and writer Mary Lou Shaw to enjoy miniature citrus trees that can grow in any Zone with some careful tending.

Origins of Organic Gardening

By Abigail Willis

Organic gardening used to be known simply as “gardening”, but the roots of the now-common movement stretch as far back as 1920.

The Best Herbs to Grow for Gardens in the North

By Mary Lahr Schier

Plant the best herb garden for a tricky northern climate that you will use to make herb syrups and teas.

Design a Relaxing Garden Patio

By Mary Lahr Schier

Design and build an appealing and effective garden space or patio for entertaining and enjoyment with friends and family.


The Best Trees for Growing in Northern Gardens

By Mary Lahr Schier

Plant a variety of the best trees to thrive in the difficult climate and soil that is a staple of living in the north to enhance your property.

Pros and Cons of Different Gardening Methods

By Shelley Stonebrook

With this comparison of several gardening trends, you can experiment with new techniques to find the best ones for your needs and space.

Slime Mold Solutions for Your Garden

By Howard Garrett

The colorful fungus known as slime mold isn’t a threat to your garden, but it still may provoke some questions. Howard Garrett profiles slime mold and provides some tips on how to deal with it.

Tips for Buying a Greenhouse

By Rebecca Martin

Buying a greenhouse can be a daunting task with so many purchase possibilities on the market. Group Editor Rebecca Martin shares some simple steps to help narrow your search.

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