Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Contemplating Compost Accelerators

By Barbara Pleasant

Gardener and author Barbara Pleasant offers some insight into compost accelerators and if they’re worth the investment.

Phenology: Be Observant

By Jane Fowler

Keep your eyes on changeable nature for signs it’s time to get gardening.

The Big Idea Behind Dwarf Tomatoes

By Craig LeHoullier

Get involved in the growing community creating half-sized plants that deliver full-sized tomatoes bursting with heirloom flavor.

Five Principles of Soil Health

By Gabe Brown

Improve your soil health using five principles: armor soil surface, improve soil health, maintain living roots and integrate animals into your ecosystem.


Keeping Heirloom Seeds Alive

The art of searching for, saving, and storing heirloom seeds, including a couple of okra cultivars that were designated All-America Selections winners in 1939.

How to Find Regionally Adapted Seeds

By Petra Page-Mann

Locally produced seed is the root of garden glory for growers in diverse bioregions; here’s how to find seed producers near you that offer regionally adapted seed.

DIY Garden Journal

By Carole Coates

Save your garden records in style when you personalize a notebook that’s organized to include the facts, hacks, and figures from your own planting experience.

Best Grow Lights for Seed Starting

By Barbara Pleasant

Grow your plants from seed indoors using inexpensive supplemental lighting, and with some new bulbs on the market, you have even better varieties to choose from.

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