Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Heirloom Expert: How Early Can You Start Planting?

By Doug Oster

Can’t wait for spring to arrive? How early can you start planting in the garden?

Heirloom Expert: Rejuvenate Aging Daffodils

By Doug Oster

Having issues with aging daffodils not flowering as well as they usually do? Doug has some advice for your vexing garden questions.

'Heirloom Gardener' Magazine Added to Ogden Family: Reader Contributions Needed

By the Heirloom Gardener staff

Heirloom Gardener magazine is looking for bloggers and reader-submitted gardening photos, stories, and more. The magazine has been acquired by Ogden Publications, the publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, GRIT, and Mother Earth Living magazines.

The Benefits of Local Foods

By Shelley Stonebrook

Local foods preserve heirloom seeds while also helping your family eat healthier and save money.


Reclaim the County Fair

By Julia Barratta

County fairs were originally for showcasing heirloom produce, not bumper cars and cotton candy, and it’s about time to remind people.

6 Heirloom Brassica Varieties to Grow From Seed

By Rebecca Anne Cole

Old World heirloom brassicas offer variety and reliability to home gardeners. Most cabbage family plants grown from seed are started indoors several weeks before spring.

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