Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Braggadocio Rice and Organic Farming in Missouri

By Kathy McFarland

Steve McKaskle has tried a variety of organic farming ventures, and now produces organic rice and popcorn from his farm in southeast Missouri.

Heirloom Expert: Putting the Garden to Bed

By Doug Oster

Should perennials be cut back in fall to prepare for putting the garden to bed?

Heirloom Expert: Adding Organic Matter to Soil

By Doug Oster

How can you add organic matter to garden soil without compost or manure?

Heirloom Expert: Managing Tomato Blight

By Doug Oster

How do you prevent or treat early blight and septoria leaf spot in tomatoes?


Heirloom Expert: Using Leaves in Compost

By Doug Oster

What is the best way to incorporate leaves into garden compost?

Heirloom Expert: Should You Fertilize House Plants?

By Doug Oster

If you have a house plant, should you add fertilizer to them? Doug Oster has the answer.

Heirloom Expert: How Early Can You Start Planting?

By Doug Oster

Can’t wait for spring to arrive? How early can you start planting in the garden?

Heirloom Expert: Rejuvenate Aging Daffodils

By Doug Oster

Having issues with aging daffodils not flowering as well as they usually do? Doug has some advice for your vexing garden questions.

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