When and How to Transplant Cabbage Seedlings to the Garden

| 3/19/2018 10:46:00 AM

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Cabbage Seedling

Photo Credit: Rebecca Anne Cole 

Cabbage seedlings, those precious little plants that have been nurtured so tenderly throughout the winter months, will eventually need a final place to call home. The effort expended to start each plant from seed, careful watering and adjusting under grow lights to give them the best start in life, could all be lost without proper planning and care when it comes to setting them out for permanent placement in the vegetable garden.

Knowing when and how to transplant the tender seedlings is essential to successful growth and production of abundant cabbage heads. Cabbage plants are one of the first vegetables to be set out in the garden after weeks under indoor grow lights, usually in early spring. Once the plants have developed two to three true leaves, they are ready for transplant. True leaves, although small at first from underdevelopment, resemble the plant’s mature leaf in shape and color. They differ from sprouting leaves, which appear just after the seed has germinated.

True Cabbage Leaves

Photo Credit: Rebecca Anne Cole 

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