Winter 2016 Mercantile: Best Gardening Tools

Our editors recommend their favorite garden and kitchen tools on the market, including Weck canning jars, EcoForms planting pots, heirloom paperwhites, and more.

By the Heirloom Gardener Editors
Winter 2016-17

Photo courtesy Weck

Weck canning jars are an appealing alternative to the American favorite — Ball. With an impressive array of unique sizes and designs, including juice jars and tulip jars, the sturdy and affordable canning vessels can also be used for storing dried herbs, tea blends, beans, grains, ferments, condiments, oil infusions, and even seeds. Creative Weck owners double the usefulness of their strawberry-embossed jars by employing them as sleek to-go containers, flower vases, drinking glasses, candleholders, and more.

Weck jars have a glass lid that sits on top of a rubber gasket and is held on by metal clips. They can be used with the company’s plastic “Keep Fresh” covers for easy storage in refrigerators and freezers (

Photo by Flickr/Manuel