Tomatoes, Peppers and Onions Oh My!

| 7/23/2018 11:49:00 AM

It’s that time of the summer when my tomatoes start turning red!  Just the past 2 weeks, we’ve been able to pick a few off of the vine that have been ripe enough to eat.  My daughter, in her excitement to pick fresh tomatoes has a tendency to scour the plants for any that she deems the least bit red and then wander into the kitchen with a bowl of just pinkish-orange-green fruit.  She usually takes one to eat like an apple, and the rest sit on the windowsill until they’re ready!


There's a red one in there!

I tried something different with my bed this year.  As I wrote about before, my garden is separated into four in-ground beds.  The vegetables that I plant in each bed are rotated year by year.  Tomatoes, peppers and onions are always planted together in my garden.  Usually I mulch with straw, sometimes I don’t (the years I didn’t mulch with straw were in an effort to cut down on squash bugs-the bane of my gardening existence and topic for another post!).  This year, remembering how crazy and overgrown my tomato beds tend to get by August, I decided to be proactive and use both a tillable paper mulch, and a straw mulch.  I ordered a paper mulch online that is biodegradable, tillable, and safe to use around vegetables.  It was an added gardening expense, but I felt it would be worth it if it kept the weeds and grasses from popping up.  The paper mulch was laid out in strips cut to fit the space, and I used landscape fabric pegs and rocks to weigh it down on the ends.  I then cut holes where I wanted to put the plants in the ground, and afterwards mulched around the plants with straw.  This is what it looked like during that process-