Organic Container Gardens

Learn about the convenience and benefits of container gardening.

| April 2018

Practical Organic Gardening: The No-Nonsense Guide to Growing Naturally (Cool Springs Press, 2017), by Mark Highland is a modern visual guide to growing organically. The book provides step-by-step photography and how-to projects so readers can take a hands-on look at updated popular gardening techniques. The following excerpt is from Chapter 10, "Organic Container Gardens."

Container gardening has gained momentum over the years for good reason. Containers do not require heavy digging, so are easier for people with physical limitations to plant and maintain. They can be changed out quickly, allowing gardeners to go from summer containers to fall containers in an afternoon. For apartment dwellers with limited access to a small porch, container gardens may be the only option to enjoy the fruits of nature. Container gardens can be completed in much less time as compared to traditional garden beds, they require less maintenance, and they provide immediate gratification once complete. Generally, container gardens are placed closer to the home and beautify the landscape in hardscaped areas such as a deck or patio.

Container gardens are great for gardeners that haven't quite put down roots, or those who are renting and haven't yet purchased their own home. Growing in containers allows you to sharpen your gardening skills and still take your garden treasures with you when you relocate.

Additionally, gardening in containers allows you to move plants on a whim, no digging required. If you want to see how a particular combination looks together, you can move them around in an afternoon. Container gardening also allows you the benefit of moving plants immediately if you discover you placed them in too much or too little sun: you can rectify the situation in a few minutes by situating them in areas better suited to their individual needs. My favorite container garden relocation is to move a rather fragrant blooming plant close to my sitting areas on my porch, patio, or deck. Weekend moments on the porch with coffee or tea and a pleasantly sweet-smelling plant close-by? Nirvana!

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Excerpted with permission from Practical Organic Gardening by Mark Highland. Published by Cool Springs Press, © 2017.

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