Four Easy Ways to Style Air Plants

Get out your glue gun and crystals to create eye-catching home décor and mini-gardens that feature tillandsia.

| September 2019

Photo from Shutterstock 

I really can’t remember when I saw air plants for the first time, but I do remember the first time they left a dramatic impression on me. I was perusing an incredible store devoted to plants and oddities of all kinds, and there, between the framed butterflies and a scene of Victorian-dressed, taxidermy mice having tea, I found a beautiful selection of air plants.

The “leggy” sort (Tillandsia caput-medusae) was suspended from above in what looked like a troupe of ballerinas dancing through the air. In complete contrast, the “hairy” variety (Tillandsia tectorum) appeared disheveled, on the verge of stumbling drunkenly out of apothecary jars and containers.

This was the first time I really appreciated air plants for all their charisma and versatility. Not only do they all have their own personalities, they can also be hung from a ceiling, burrowed between books on a shelf, or naturally allowed to cling to any number of decorative objects around your house. If you let your imagination run wild, you will have endless fun designing your air plant terrariums and finding new places for them to dwell. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Serving Dish 

Photo from Creative Terrariums


  • serving dish
  • purple sand

Air plants:

  • 1 x Tillandsia Ionantha rubra
  • 1 x Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita
  • 1 x Tillandsia Ionantha scaposa

Decorative elements:

  • 2 x white quartz crystals
  • 1 x amethyst crystal
  • 1 x citrine crystal


  1. Wash the serving dish with warm, soapy water and let dry completely.
  2. Pour the sand into the serving dish until you have a hill in the center.
  3. Press the crystals and air plants into the sand, alternating between the two.

Stemmed Glass

Photo from Creative Terrariums



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