Ivan Tomato, 2nd Year: From Kitchen Window to Market Booth

| 3/14/2017 12:00:00 AM

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The second year of the Ivan Tomato Rescue Project started as our first growing season concluded. We had a small green house in my back yard and some experience under our belts.   I began to plan out how to move forward with our second year in business while I enjoyed tending to my own garden over the summer.  I enjoyed a on a much-needed vacation; when I returned, the comfortable sight of my Ivan plants inspired me to take action.

I had planted about 11 Ivan tomatoes, in two beds in my back yard.  I saved seeds from the strongest plants and the largest tomatoes.  I constantly had jars of fermenting seeds on my back porch.  I ended up with a nice pillow of seeds and started preparing for the new season of seed sales. 


My plan was to use the revenue from the seed sales to pay the bills to get the new growing season going.  The expenses of running a nursery are many. I would need soil, seeds, plastic containers, labels, tools, booth fees, fertilizer, gas, greenhouse heat, marketing, webhosting, printing, bags, postage, envelopes and other supplies.  This all adds up to a lot of money, we were dependent on seeds sales to cover the costs.  This was a lot of pressure to put on our Brand.

I started by re-assessing the team. This year we were making this a bit more of a family business.  My husband and kids were in for helping.  I also decided to partner up with Becky, who still lived on her family farm where the Ivan got Its name.   So together Becky, Todd, the kids, and myself took on the second season. 

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