How Seed Swaps Inspire Heirloom Gardening

| 6/7/2017 1:33:00 PM

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to leave the big city and move to my hometown. We didn’t know what to do once we got there, but we were determined to settle down where we could breathe fresh air, hear birds singing, and see the stars at night. One snowy weekend right before we moved, I noticed a handmade sign advertising a seed swap. It seemed like the perfect excuse to get our new garden started.

I couldn’t wait to have my first real garden. In the city, the closest thing I had to a garden was a tray of wheatgrass in the kitchen. Fortunately, the seed swap turned out to be the perfect place for an introduction to organic gardening! It was exactly what I needed before our move.

How Seed Swaps Inspire

There are Fruits and Vegetables I Don’t Know About?

As I walked across downtown to the seed swap, I made a mental list of the things I’d like to grow in my new kitchen garden. The classics like tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce all made the list. These were veggies I already loved which were reportedly much tastier if you grew them yourself.

At the swap, I went up to the tomato section at the first big booth. I was completely stunned at the number of choices! There were more kinds of tomatoes than I could have possibly imagined.

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