6 Ways to Share the Harvest

| 9/20/2016 4:51:00 PM

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Saskia EsslingerSo you’ve eaten all the zucchini you can handle, put some in the freezer, made relish, but you STILL can’t use it all? Are your tomatoes rotting on the vine or your abundant kale patch stressing you out? Don’t let it rot in your garden! Even though you are sick of it, there are plenty of people who will appreciate it!

1. Trade it.

You have too much zucchini but your pumpkin didn’t make it? Find a friend who has some pumpkins and wants to trade with you. You both win.  Some friends in my community have a harvest barter party every fall where you can bring your excess and trade it for something different. People bring fresh vegetables, preserves, fish, homemade wine and more. There is food and drink, a fire pit, and music, and people stay to trade tips on growing, catching, and preserving food.

Farm stand

2. Sell it.

I had a self-serve farm-stand in my garage last summer. It was simply a table with a jar for the money. I put out whatever extras I had and wrote the amount on index cards.  Then I put the word out on Facebook telling people what I had. People could stop by anytime and I didn’t have to be there. I put herbs and greens in buckets of water to keep them fresh.  I also sold jam, ferments, home-made vinegar, and other odds and ends I happened to have. It was a great way to recover some of the costs of the garden.

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