Winter 2017 Mercantile: Ollas, Seed Storage Solutions, and More

 See what our editors are excited about in gardening supplies, from water-saving ollas to seed packet storage and sturdy row cover hoops.

By the Heirloom Gardener Editors
Winter 2017


Photo courtesy GrowOya

Whether you live in an arid climate, have limited access to water, or simply want to conserve a precious resource, GrowOya’s assorted ollas (pronounced “oy-yahs”) may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Ollas are terra-cotta vessels that provide an efficient form of plant irrigation that’s been in practice since ancient times. You simply bury the olla up to its neck in the ground, and then fill it with water. The porous terra cotta allows the water inside the vessel to seep out slowly to water your plants at the roots.

Because ollas don’t provide the necessary surface water for seeds to germinate, fewer weeds have the opportunity to sprout. And because you’ll only need to refill your ollas about once a week, you can hit the road for a while without worrying about whether your plants are getting enough water.