Organic Gardening

Articles about organic pest and weed control, season extension, tools of the trade, and more.

Waiting for Spring Weather

By Cathy Pouria

Trying milkweed seed-stratification for the first time and Bluebird watching while waiting for milder weather!

Starting Tomatoes from Seed

By Rebecca Anne Cole

Starting tomatoes from seed allows home gardeners to grow their own heirloom tomato varieties. Most tomatoes grown from seed are started indoors six to eight weeks before transplanting to the garden.

When and How to Transplant Cabbage Seedlings to the Garden

By Rebecca Anne Cole

Knowing when and how to transplant cabbage seedlings to the garden is essential to healthy plants and a successful cabbage crop.

Popular Summer Heirloom Vegetables

By Bryan Traficante

Heirlooms are often cited as being more flavorful, nutritious, and locally adapted. Here are some of the more adapted and popular varietals to try in your summer garden!


Beautiful Beneficial Nasturtium

By Rebecca Anne Cole

Nasturtium is a delicate annual that adds color and beauty to ornamental garden spaces. When used in companion planting, nasturtium serves as an effective insect and weed deterrent for organic vegetable gardening.

Welcome to My (Frozen) Garden!

By Cathy Pouria

Take a tour of my garden and learn about how it got started and my plans for the spring.

Grow Your Own Peppers

Grow these sweet and hot peppers to add flavor and variety to your garden.

Putting the Garden to Bed

By Terese Houle

Tips for putting your garden to bed for the winter.