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Gardens Lost and Gardens Gained

By Hannah Kincaid

Group editor, Hannah Kincaid, shares the struggles and triumphs that come with leaving homes and established gardens.

Fall 2018 Seed Shop: ‘Cherokee Blue’ Mustard, ‘Grace Batson’ Peony, and More

Discover where to buy seeds for the freshest heirloom releases of fall 2018, including ‘Cherokee Blue’ mustard, ‘Grace Batson’ peony, ‘Fin de Bagnol’ bean, ‘Blauer Speck’ kohlrabi, and ‘Juane du Poitou’ leek.

Summer 2018 Heirloom Seeds: ‘Bradford Family’ Okra, ‘Bulgarian Carrot’ Pepper, and More

Discover the freshest new heirloom seed releases of summer 2018, just in time for some of our readers to plant, and for others to start planning space in next year’s gardens!

Summer 2018 Farmer’s Almanac

By the Heirloom Gardener Editors

Mark your calendars — here are the dates to remember in summer 2018!


Gardeners: A Rare Breed

By Hannah Kincaid

Heirloom Gardener’s group editor, Hannah Kincaid, touches on a few reasons why gardeners everywhere are a rare breed which improve the communities we share on a daily basis.

Root Microbiomes Encourage Drought Resistance in Crop Plants

By Lydia Noyes

Certain plant species appear to recruit bacteria that help them resist the ill effects of drought conditions.

In-Field Wildflower Strips Support Beneficial Insects

By Lydia Noyes

Devoting a small percentage of crop land to wildflower strips provides support for the full life cycle of beneficial insects.

Chemical Fungicides Attract Bees

By Lydia Noyes

Recent research testing honeybees’ preference for sugar syrup with and without agricultural fungicides shows that the fungicide-laced syrup attracts more bees.