Summer 2018 Heirloom Seeds: ‘Bradford Family’ Okra, ‘Bulgarian Carrot’ Pepper, and More

Discover the freshest new heirloom seed releases of summer 2018, just in time for some of our readers to plant, and for others to start planning space in next year’s gardens!

By the Heirloom Gardener Editors
Summer 2018

‘Bradford Family’ Okra


The Bradford family is best known for its heirloom watermelon, but this giant okra cultivar is another of the family’s wonderful secrets. Grown and passed down in Sumter, South Carolina, for nearly as long as the famous watermelon, this okra’s 8-inch pods snap clean all the way to the tips — remarkably tender for their size.

Nat Bradford, the current manager for his family’s heirloom okra, introduced it to South Carolina chefs during the summer of 2017. It’s now in high demand: Larger, sweeter, and more tender than many other cultivars, chef Sean Brock commented that it’s “okra caviar.” One of the most exciting new heirloom seed releases this year, the seeds have long been unavailable to the public, but after close to three-quarters of a century, the Bradford family is making this fabulous, rare okra available again for a limited time.

$3.95 for approximately 90 seeds from Sow True Seed. []

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