Recommended Autumn Garden Accessories

Our staff reviews high-quality equipment that will help you take a load off while gardening this fall.

| Fall 2019

Courtesy of Lehman's

Lehman’s Outdoor Cypress Wooden Potting Table provides a stylish, multi-tiered workspace for storing gardening supplies, as well as for potting, transplanting, and dividing plants. This smooth, spacious, waist-high table is built in Ohio by Amish craftspeople. The interchangeable slatted or solid tabletop inserts make for a versatile workstation, depending on your needs. You can alternately remove one piece of the tabletop to scoop soil from the 14-gallon Rubbermaid bin below, which slides conveniently into a track underneath the table. In addition to all this, its stainless steel fasteners won’t rust.

Associate Editor Jessica Mitchell says, “I’m delighted by this potting table’s earthy, cypress-wood smell alone. But it also offers lots of room and storage for all our gardening requirements. My favorite feature is the bin that slides in and out underneath the table; we store our soil and trowels there. And it makes for easy cleanup: If we spill soil on the tabletop, we just swipe the soil right back into the attached bin.”


Courtesy of Garden In Minutes

True to its name, you can construct a garden in minutes with the Garden in Minutes Raised Garden Kit. We’ve proven it here at Ogden Publications by putting a kit together in our office garden. The 3-by-6-foot raised bed kit comes with six pre-cut boards, which conveniently interlock with one another, complete with long nails to secure the corners of the boards in place. We do recommend a couple extra hands to help anchor the boards, and we also found a hammer useful for pounding in the nails. The kit comes with its own made-to-fit grid irrigation system and timer, which conveniently hooks up to a garden hose.



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