Feedback from Our Readers: Spring 2017

Humbled by both the praise and advice from our valued readers, we want to share some feedback we’ve received.

| Spring 2017

  • This bouquet says "thank you" in flowers to a one-of-a-kind friend. Grape hyacinths convey the message of usefulness, tulips stand for compassion and sweet virtues, and scented geraniums mean comfort.
    Photo by Flickr/Julie
  • Chamomile blooms convey comfort and patience in the traditional language of flowers.
    Photo by iStock/Drazen Lovric
  • Alliums convey unity, humility, and patience in tussie-mussies, which are small traditional bouquets.
    Photo by iStock/zorani

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Mobile Convenience

The Almanac department is wonderful. I have found that having it in the garden on my phone is so handy. I never would have guessed how handy it actually is! -Cynthia Rand-Thompson: Watsonville, California

Great news, Cynthia: It’s now easier than ever to access the Almanac — and all other Heirloom Gardener articles — on your phone with our new digital issue! Look for it in Apple’s app store and the Google Play store.

Timeless Interest

I have pretty much every issue of Heirloom Gardener that has been published since 2008. I like the articles that have history with them, such as “The Language of Flowers” (Fall 2016). I’ve saved them all because, while I may not be interested in some article or another at the time I receive the magazine, I may pick that same magazine up another time to find that article fascinating, or find something I missed the first time reading. Thanks so much for this marvelous magazine. Keep up the great work. -Survey Comment

Old Friends

I have enjoyed Heirloom Gardener for several years now. I also read Grit and Mother Earth News; I feel like your Editor-in-Chief, Hank, and I are old friends. The magazine is in good hands. -Survey Comment

Less is More

I love the big beautiful pictures, but feel like they sometimes fill more space in absence of content. I would love to see more articles and smaller pictures. -Survey Comment


It’s a very nice magazine, and I look forward to the next issue. It has great pictures and interesting stories, plus the layout is very eye-catching. Thank you for all your hard work. -Survey Comment

Cover to Cover

A beautiful magazine! I can hardly wait for each edition to come out; I read it cover to cover! -Survey Comment

A Changed Mind

I was contemplating not renewing your magazine, and then I received the newly-formatted issue last year. I really liked it; there are so many topics, and it’s clearly written and illustrated — golly — my renewal is enclosed. -David Casteel: Champaign, Illinois



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