Feedback from Our Readers: Fall 2017

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| Fall 2017

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Gardening  Across Climates

Yesterday, at a gardening class I was hosting, my friend Karl brought me a copy of Heirloom Gardener’s Summer 2017 issue. In Editor-in-Chief Hank Will’s note “Garden Smarter, Not Harder,” he wrote about a favorite subject of mine not often expressed by “seasoned” gardeners: the archaic idea that there’s a “best way” to garden. Ha! We know that can’t be true, and how mind-numbing it would be if it were.

Then I thumbed through and saw concepts like planting by the moon, succession planting, and other hallmarks of the path I’m drawn toward. I love this magazine and can’t stop reading it. It’s one of the best gardening magazines I’ve ever seen. I haven’t read one like it in a long time, and I’ll keep it handy for quick reference.

Deana Bess

Naples, Florida

A Back-Saving Eureka Moment

I nodded my head as I read Hank Will’s Field Notes about “eureka” gardening moments (Summer 2017). My “eureka” moment happened recently as well.

I’m in my mid-60s and can’t bend and pull weeds like I once could, so we bought some welded-wire hog panels — about 32 inches high and 16 feet long — and wired them into rounds. We lined the rounds with weed mat and filled them with composted manure and amendments (see photo, above). We added perlite and a few other additives to lighten the dense, organic compost. Now I leisurely stand to plant, weed, and harvest. During winter, I toss my kitchen scraps in the rounds to compost, and the setup always teems with worms!

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