Fall 2018 Seed Shop: ‘Cherokee Blue’ Mustard, ‘Grace Batson’ Peony, and More

Discover where to buy seeds for the freshest heirloom releases of fall 2018.

Fall 2018
By the Heirloom Gardener editors

‘Cherokee Blue’ Mustard


This cultivar’s name was inspired by the lovely, deep-blue color of its young leaves. When the mustard is about a month old, it starts to lose some of its blue hue, becoming more emerald-green in color. While young, this cultivar isn’t as spicy as other mustards can be, and it makes a tasty addition to salads and other dishes. As the plants mature, they’ll become spicier and better suited to cooking, which will take out some of the bitterness. For a prolonged harvest, pick the outer leaves as needed for salads and cooking. This harvesting method will allow the plant to keep growing more leaves from the center outward, so you won’t have to wait for a new plant to grow. Seed comes from the Southern Seed Legacy, a wonderful organization that promotes seed saving and sharing of Southern regional cultivars.

$2.95 per packet (865 seeds)


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