Up-to-date news about the gardening industry.

Summer Heirloom Offerings for Your Garden

By Heirloom Gardener Staff

Discover the freshest heirloom releases of the season, just in time for summer.

Hot Debate Over ‘Fire Cider’

By Jordan Carley

Updates on a trial deciding whether “fire cider” can be trademarked, the California super bloom, and how to visit the River of Five Colors in Colombia.

5 Accessories to Make Gardening a Breeze This Summer

By Heirloom Gardener Staff

Our staff shares high-quality accessories that’ll make gardening a breeze this summer.

SeedLinked Is Social Media for Gardeners

By Jordan Carley

Whether you’re seeking open-source seed, connection with other gardeners, or an audience to sell to, SeedLinked is the social platform for you.


Sierra Mixe Nitrogen-Fixing Corn

By Jordan Carley

Learn about a corn landrace developed in Mexico that supports nitrogen-fixing microbes on its aerial roots, allowing it to grow in nutrient-poor soils.

New Rulings on Glyphosate Exposure

By Jordan Carley

The first civil suit against Monsanto, now owned by Bayer AG, for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma caused by glyphosate exposure has gone to trial.

New Heirloom Offerings for Your Garden

By Heirloom Gardener Staff

Discover your new favorite heirloom varieties just in time for spring planning and planting—we’ve found everything from daylilies to onions.

Growing Greener with Each Year

By Jean Denney

Jean anticipates the unexpected as she goes forward in 2019, looking out for those surprises in life that turn out to be just what she needs.

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