Japanese Dashi Recipe Using Shiitake Mushrooms

Learn how to make one of the fundamental dishes to any Japanese meal — dashi, a tea-like broth — with Shiitake mushrooms.

Summer 2014

  • Photo courtesy iStock/kazoka30

Total Hands-On Time: 30 min

Yield: 4 cups

Shiitake Dashi (or Shītake no Dashi)

The stock used in Japanese cooking is called dashi. Unlike European broths that are long-simmered, dashi is more of a quickly-made savory tea. The most common dashi is made from shavings of dried bonito, a type of mackerel. However, vegetarian dashi also exists, as it is required for Buddhist temple food. In this case, we’ll use dried shītake mushrooms for our base. Make this first and keep it on hand until needed.



• 4 cups water
• 6 dry shiitake mushrooms
• One 3x7-inch kombu piece


1. Soak shiitake and kombu in hot water for 30 minutes. Remove mushrooms and kelp. Reserve the shītake for later recipes.

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