Seasonal recipes and food preservation tips.

Get Your Greens: Eat Weeds

Make a salad or toss into stir-fry, find nutrients your body needs in freshly-picked weeds.

You Can Eat the Whole Plant

By James Wong

Before the squash comes the flower, you can eat this flower and more. Find out what other plants you have been missing out on!

You Can Eat Flowers

By Jim Long

Did you know that you can eat flowers? Try adding blossoms to your next meal for a new flavor adventure.

Different Types of Wild Greens with Pesto Recipe

By Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley

Add zest to salads and pesto by using wild greens found in your backyard.


Different Types of Beans with Three Sisters Mash Recipe

By Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley

Learn about different types of beans and its role in Native American cuisine.

Cultivating Gratitude

By Saskia Esslinger

Sow the seeds of gratitude and reap the harvest year-round.

Icy, Herb-Infused Granitas

By Sally King

This refreshing treat calls for garden ingredients and requires no specialty equipment.

A Zest for Life

By Jessie Tanski

Join The Farm Foodie on her journey from the East Coast to the Midwest. Learn how to create delicious and healthy gluten-free meals with the help of local farmers markets and you backyard garden. Plus, you are guaranteed a few laughs along the way!