Inspiration for simple DIY home and garden projects, natural crafts, and homemade healing remedies.

How to Braid Garlic

Beautiful and functional, garlic braids will help preserve the harvest while adding a dash of old-fashioned charm to any pantry.

How to Attract Fireflies: Nature's Natural Light Show

By Andrew Weidman

Don’t let the lights go out. Fashion a firefly sanctuary to attract these whimsical creatures to your backyard.

A Do-It-Yourself Soil Blocker

By Carly Kelty-Greenfield

Using basic metal and wood-working skills, use this as a guide to make your own homemade soil blocker when your seedlings begin to outgrow their current soil blocks.

New Christmas Traditions

By Sherry Smith

Get a head start making homemade holiday gifts this year to free up quality family time and minimize the stress of the holiday season as much as possible.


Vegetable Craft

By Gwen Kilchherr

Add some vegetable beauty to your home this Fall.

The Real-Life Tragedy and Joy of Chicken Keeping

By Lacey Thacker

Read about the ecstasy and agony that is allowing Mother Nature to guide the fate of your flock.

Herbal Essences: Make Your Own Herbal Products

By Jim Long

With the herbs and flowers you grow in your own garden, you can make your own pure, chemical-free body care products.

The Heirloom Potting Shed

By Susan Davis Price

A potting shed is the perfect addition to any gardener’s yard.

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