Onion Skin Easter Eggs

| 4/22/2019 10:50:00 AM

For the 12 years that we’ve been married, my husband always talked about the decorative onion skin eggs that his grandmother used to make for Easter.  An old tradition, they involved wrapping eggs in red onion skins and boiling them to transfer the color.  They always sounded pretty complicated and I was used to just dropping a color tablet into a cup, scooping out a brightly colored egg and calling it a day therefore never tried them.  However, this year he asked me if I’d consider making the beautiful marbled eggs that he remembered so fondly from his childhood.  As he amusedly recalled a childhood memory of his grandmother stuffing the loose remnants of grocery store bin onion skins into her shopping bag (and myself loving a good grandma tradition) I felt happy to give it a shot!  Going by his recollections of making them and several texts to my sister-in-law who has continued the yearly tradition, I pieced together the simple ingredients-


Onion Skin Easter Eggs

• 1 dozen eggs
• Kitchen twine
• Cheesecloth
• Red Onions
• White Vinegar
• Olive Oil

My daughter and I foraged our backyard for some herbs and flowers to add our own little design flair to the eggs.  We wound up with sage leaves, parsley, peach and plum blossoms, and strawberry leaves.  This step is optional though.  The eggs will still be beautiful using just onion skins!


Next up was wrapping the eggs in onion skins.  I quickly realized during this step that we should have planned ahead and saved the dry onion skins over time rather than peeling them all off of six onions, but live and learn!  The remaining onions went into the freezer for future use.  To imprint a design onto the egg, I chose a flower or herb from the ones we gathered, and gently pressed it onto the eggshell before covering it with a piece of dry onion skin.

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