5 Classic Perennial Flowers to Rescue from Old Gardens

| 7/3/2017 12:00:00 AM

One of my favourite ways to add classic perennial flowers to my garden is by rescuing plants from old houses, homesteads and gardens. Many of my perennials were not purchased, and instead were saved during the process of renovating nearby houses and renewing overgrown landscapes. Not only is transplanting classic perennials a low-cost way to populate my own garden, but it preserves these varieties which have often survived and thrived despite little care or maintenance in recent years.

1 - 5 Perennial Flowers to Rescue From Old Garden

Classic Perennial Flowers

Many perennial flowers in mature gardens come with fascinating histories or with sentimental value. It’s always nice to hear how a grandmother’s peonies have been passed down through the generations or how roses were originally planted by homesteaders. Here are five of my favourite perennials to save the next time you’re renovating an old garden.

2- Old Roses

This old rose lives in the river rock foundation of a homestead farmhouse that is long gone.

1. Roses

Roses are a classic perennial flower. Many of us have memories of the lovely scented garden roses grown by grandparents, other relatives and neighbours. Old-fashioned roses can often be found around the perimeter of old farmhouses and cabins. I’ve found both small rose shrubs and climbing roses in with the weeds around old structure foundations.

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