DIY Home Apothecary

| 3/2/2018 9:21:00 AM

Living in a small home and having a lack of space for essentials is a challenge. It requires creativity and proper planning on our part to maximize functionality and to make sure no space is being wasted. I had been growing, harvesting, and drying a large amount of herbs from my garden and I wanted to create a space to honor their beauty that in its essence, was simply “storage”. As for every project here at Allendale, budget is also a major factor. Like I said before, it is challenging, but the beauty of it all is creating something totally customized and unique to us.

The first design issue we needed to work around was covering our well, all the while keeping it accessible for maintenance. You are probably wondering reading this, so yes, our well is located inside of our house! Here’s a before photo of the space when we moved in January, 2014:

indoor well

It wasn’t long before my husband tore this space apart and built a large work surface for me. I started to learn that canning and preserving bounties from the garden required more work surface area than I ever thought as a beginner.

kitchen workspace

Above is a photo of what became only a temporary solution. You can see my dried herbs in mason jars in the one corner and a large work surface in front. Another round of upgrading came a year later as I continued growing even more of my own herbs and vegetables.