Inspiration for simple DIY home and garden projects, natural crafts, and homemade healing remedies.

Build A Window Sash Cold Frame

By the Editors of Storey Publishing

Protect your garden by building this simple, yet effective window sash cold frame.

Make Your Own Flower Press

By The Editors of Storey Publishing

Create your own inexpensive flower press that is easy to make and will leave you with beautiful results.

How to Make A Solar Food Dryer

By the Editors of Storey Publishing

Build a practical and inexpensive solar food dehydrator that is perfect for drying and preserving fruits and vegetables in your backyard.

How to Dry Herbs at Home

By Tabitha Alterman

You’ll never buy dried herbs again after you try one or more of these six methods for drying your own herbs at home.


My Garden Journal

By Joanna Ridenour

Keeping a "Garden Miscellany" book

How to Make Seed Tape – Step-by-Step

By Margaret Mishra

If you’ve ever tried to sow teeny, tiny seeds directly into the garden, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only is the seed difficult to handle, especially when you are perched on the edge of a garden bed, but it’s hard to see once it’s in the soil. Seed tape solves these issues and, what’s more, you can prepare it ahead of time, sitting at your kitchen table, no matter the weather.

Grow Insect Eating Plants in a Window Bog

by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit

Keep insects at bay in a window bog filled with carnivorous plants.

Easy Chrysanthemum Cuttings

By Tonya Barnett

Chrysanthemums are always a fall favorite. Believe it or not, it's also insanely easy to propagate your plants for more of those bright autumn blooms!

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