Heirloom Gardener Summer 2017

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The 'Fish' Pepper: A Vivid History
The nearly lost ‘Fish’ pepper, named for its use in seafood dishes, makes its way back into gardens and kitchens.

Profitable, Small-Scale Flower Farming
Cut flowers are one of the highest-grossing crops per acre. Create a debt-free farm and surround yourself with beauty by following this expert advice.

Grow Goji Berries
These little berries are expensive to buy, so growing goji will bring you valuable fruit throughout the season.

How to Save Seeds from Biennial Plants
Take your seed-saving know-how to the next level by learning how to keep seeds from open-pollinated biennials, including beets and Swiss chard.

The Herbal Academy: Educating Budding Herbalists
Learn the art and science of plant medicine from anywhere in the world.


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