Eat Your Garden

Saskia Esslinger

Name: Saskia Esslinger

Occupation: Garden teacher and writer

Place of Residence: Usually Alaska, but sometimes Guatemala, and right now Cleveland

Background: Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, Saskia’s parents always had a huge vegetable garden, but she didn’t fully appreciate it until she went to college and had to eat grocery store vegetables.  She studied Environmental Science and learned about how bad factory farms are for the environment and for us.  After school she worked on an organic farm in New York and with a children’s gardening program in Austin, Texas before making her way back to Alaska. 

Saskia and her husband bought a dilapidated house and turned it into an abundant urban homestead dubbed the Williams Street Farmhouse.  A degree in Regenerative Entrepreneurship from Gaia University helped her turn her passion into a business teaching others how to garden.  She developed a hands-on, organic food gardening course that allowed her to grow a garden, start a family, and earn money!  She recently turned her curriculum into a manual to help others teaching gardening in their own communities.  You can check it out at

Current Projects: Last fall Saskia and her husband sold their home and hit the road with their two young boys. They drove down through Canada, the US, Mexico, and Guatemala where they bought a sailboat.  They are waiting out hurricane season in Cleveland while visiting family.  She loves the adventure but hates eating grocery store veggies!  If only they could decide where their next garden will be!  You can read about their travels at

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