Garden to Table: Grow Your Own Organic Heirlooms

Rebecca Anne Cole

Name: Rebecca Anne Cole

Occupation: Owner and Writer at Holistic Gardener; Organic Gardening and Spiritual Living

Place of Residence: Northeast Region, Maryland

Background: Rebecca is an avid gardener who is passionate about growing heirloom vegetables and preparing delicious organic foods. She is an enthusiastic supporter of local organic and regenerative farms. Rebecca donates part of her seasonal harvest to community food banks in the northeast Maryland area. She started gardening as a way to provide fresh, naturally grown vegetables for her family. Her garden has grown substantially in recent years, from a single raised bed to a sprawling garden plot occupying the majority of her back and side yards.

Growing food on her mini suburban farm has become a catalyst for a deep connection with nature, and has ignited an appetite for preparing nutrient rich organic foods that her young children will enthusiastically eat. Rebecca is the owner of Holistic Gardener, a community oriented company whose mission is to inspire people to grown and prepare delicious organic foods that nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Her monthly articles about organic gardening and spiritual living can be found at  In her free time Rebecca enjoys connecting in nature and can be found camping, hiking, kayaking, and exploring state parks. She lives with her husband, two children, and her beloved rescue pooch Nugget.

Current Projects: Owner and Writer at

Creator of Holistic Gardener Artisanal Teas; Premium Organic Herbal Blends    

Member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators

Pursuing Master Gardener Certification through the University of Maryland Extension

More Places to Find Rebecca on the Web:

Website: Holistic Gardner  

Welcome to the Garden Journey

Facebook: The Garden Journey

Instagram: @holisticg

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