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Margaret Mishra

Name: Margaret Mishra

Growing up in a condo in Toronto, Margaret’s “awakening” occurred when she spent a part of her summer vacation on her grandparent’s farm in central Portugal.  One afternoon, while playing in the fields with her cousin, she decided to take a snack break.  Sitting on the edge of one of the many terraces, she picked a sun-warmed, vine-ripened tomato & took a bite.  It was a revelation.  From that moment on, while her friends were dreaming about their first apartment in the city, Margaret’s ultimate goal was life outside of the metropolis, where green dominated the landscape and there was plenty of room for growing fruits and vegetables.

A former consultant & accountant, Margaret decided that she preferred taking care of her growing family and doing volunteer work to shuffling papers in the financial district.  Unencumbered by a daily commute, it still took several years and a few moves before she & her family found their “This is it!” home in a small rural town in Southern Ontario.

Margaret’s favourite way to spend the day is puttering about on her 1 acre property – pulling weeds, shoveling compost, sowing seeds, harvesting fruits and veg, and simply enjoying the therapeutic benefit of getting dirt under her fingernails.  Although technically in Canadian hardiness zone 5, Margaret prefers to push the limits & usually classifies her garden as zone 6, which, she reasons, is “only a few kilometers away”.  She loves to experiment with new plants & techniques, her motto being “just try it…what’s the worst that can happen?”

Margaret is a member of the Guelph Horticultural Society and the Garden Writers Association.

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