Bulb Girl

Keenan Fletcher 

Violinist by trade, heirloom bulb hunter by passion. Keenan has spent the last 25 years hopping fences, ripping jeans on barbed wire, wrestling rattlesnakes and racing bulldozers...all for the sake of a Bulb. Keenan Fletcher spends her time teaching violin and cultivating a garden wonderland for children of all ages. Her studio consists of 300 year old Live Oak trees, an old farm house that has chickens, pigeons, a bird friendly cat and gardens packed full of heirloom bulbs and flowers. Keenan, known in the flower world as Heirloombulbgirl, rescues, cultivates and sells (by donation) rare heirloom bulbs. Keenan's mission is to preserve the love of heirloom bulbs and flowers for generations to come. 

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