Kayla Haupt

Under A Tin Roof

Name: Kayla Haupt

Occupation: Owner of Under A Tin Roof, Small Farmer, Master Gardener, Blogger, Fiber Artist, Homesteader

Place of Residence: Eastern Iowa

Background: Kayla is a master gardener, blogger, embroidery artist, homesteader, and single stay-at-home mother to her young son, Tad. She lives in rural Iowa on a small 5 acre farm amongst one of the largest Amish settlements west of the Mississippi. She spends her days working the farm’s vegetable garden, raising laying hens and ducks, keeping honeybees, cooking with whole foods, reading Outlander, and sipping on a cup of black coffee. When she is not spending time on the homestead, you can often find her exploring farmer’s markets, local shops, and history museums. Kayla hopes to instill the idea of sustainable living, creativity, and nature in her son and others.

Current Projects:  After living for two years on her first tiny homestead of less than 1 acre, which was equipped with a custom built greenhouse, kitchen garden, and chicken coop Kayla and her family moved a few miles down the road to their farm. She now lives in a 1917 farmhouse with a plot of established aronia berries and apple trees. This will be her first year “farming” on 5 acres and growing food for other people to eat and enjoy. After leaving their laying hens back at the old homestead, she’ll be raising a new and much larger flock of chickens and adding in some duck friends as well. In the summer, she and her family hope to open their farm to the public with a general store, u-pick, and CSA program.

More Places to Find Her on the Web:


Instagram: @underatinroof and @kayhaupt

Facebook: Under a Tin Roof Farm and General Store

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