The Reluctant Gardener

Elizabeth Janoski

Name:  Elizabeth Janoski

Occupation:  Writer, educator, fiber artist, and reluctant gardener

Place of Residence:  Northeastern Pennsylvania

Background:  Elizabeth and her patient husband have a small flock of sheep, three border collies, two cats, and a son, who is all grown up. Raised in a family operated commercial greenhouse on a rural farm, Elizabeth balances teaching at a local community college in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her creative writing, fiber art, and her genetically driven compulsion to garden: “I was born into a family that has for many generations been committed to growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers,” she says, adding that that she spent every day of the first six years of her life in a greenhouse, while her mother and grandmother worked to raise plants for sale. “A greenhouse is a wonderful place to be and I was very sad to leave it for a house in town and the rather confining atmosphere of first grade at the local elementary school – thank goodness for summers back at the farm.”  

The old farm is a touchstone for all family members and the early 19th century farmhouse is finding new life as a gathering place for extended family. Elizabeth writes often of the home place and of the people who lived there, most particularly her Grandmother Warner who taught her that spiders are good.

Favorite garden book:  the classic Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book
Favorite flower: old roses
Favorite vegetable:
fresh sweet corn
Favorite fruit:
does homemade jelly count? 
Favorite things to do: knitting, spinning, needle felting, and dying wool 

Current Projects:
Hydroponic gardening, explorations in needle felting and mixed-media fiber arts.

More Places to Find Elizabeth on the Web:
Elizabeth’s Shipmeadow

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