Fabled Heirloom Potatoes from the High Andes

In the High Andes, two interesting varieties of potato, Yema de Huevo potato and the clay potato potato, are the most valued and sought after by connoisseurs in South American cookery.

Papa Chaco sports the most extraordinary lavender-rose skin with marbled rose-purple flesh; these colors are especially intense when the potatoes are freshly dug. The tubers are long and somewhat pointed on both ends, but they can also curve into a half-moon shape when the tubers are long—up to 8 inch in some cases. Gardeners can interplant between the rows of Papa Chaco: lettuce for example, or small radishes, mustard, even spinach. This works especially well if Papa Chaco is planted late (it is considered a late variety) because it seems to tuberize better in September-October with declining day length.
Photo by Rob Cardillo