Explore Vertical Farming Techniques

As available land gets taken up by development, innovative farmers look to the sky with vertical farming techniques that have minimal footprints while producing plenty of food.

The crop wall is a highly engineered system with 1,494 individual 4.3-foot (1.3-meter) high planting rows in a trademarked technology called ZipGrow Towers. For our pavilion’s display the crop towers are grown in a greenhouse until they mature. Then they are installed on the wall to create a beautifully colored and textured surface. Farm sponsor Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has provided seeds of many varieties of dark leafy greens, grains and herbs. Selected specifically for the US Pavilion’s vertical crop wall, these plant varieties suggest opportunities for a healthful and delicious diet. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is dedicated to the preservation and protection of seeds as a source for future generations.
Photo by Quint Smith at Expo Milano