Explore Vertical Farming Techniques

As available land gets taken up by development, innovative farmers look to the sky with vertical farming techniques that have minimal footprints while producing plenty of food.

The US Pavilion’s crop wall is a 9,250-square-foot (860-square-meter) vertical farm that grows 42 different varieties of vegetables, grains and herbs. It represents a highly integrated approach to agriculture. The grid structure of the pavilion makes visual reference to President Thomas Jefferson’s Land Ordinance Act of 1785, which created the gridded patchwork system of property division that defines the American farm belt. The variegated patterns created by our plants tell a story of food production for the future. While still organized on the grid system, it suggests some of the most sustainable land-use strategies, such as intercropping, multi-cropping, companion planting, and contour planting.
Illustration courtesy www.RareSeeds.com