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7 Ways to Decorate Your Fall Garden Naturally


Photo by Noelle Johnson

The days are getting shorter and the shadows longer. A nip can be felt in the air, and it’s time to celebrate the arrival of fall. Not surprisingly, natural materials such as gourds, dried corn, mums, ornamental kale, and, of course, pumpkins are a great way to welcome autumn in the garden.

Let’s look at seven ways to decorate your fall garden naturally that aren’t only easy to create, but are inexpensive as well.

1. Intersperse multi-colored pumpkins in high-profile areas of the garden. The unique colors will draw attention by providing a welcome splash of color in the cool-season landscape.


Photo by Noelle Johnson

2. Add a cool touch of color with ornamental kale. The pretty type of cabbage makes a great bedding plant whether grown in a window box, container or used to create a unique garden border.


Photo by Noelle Johnson

3. Dress up a container filled with mums by adding a variety of gourds, dried corn cobs, and small pumpkins. Place the mums in a smaller container, and perch it up on an overturned pot to give it needed height. Then group a variety of your favorite fall-themed produce.

pumpkins ornamental cabbage-002

Photo by Noelle Johnson

4. Use maroon, orange, and yellow flowering plants, such as marigolds that come in a variety of colors, alongside other natural materials such as kale and pumpkins to celebrate the arrival of fall.


Photo by Noelle Johnson

5. Dried flowers are a great addition for cool-season containers. When pruning back your fall garden, save some smaller branches as well as spent flower stems and allow them to dry. Place them in a container or window box in between pumpkins and gourds where they will serve as a nice filler plant. A side benefit is that the birds will enjoy the seeds from the dried flowers.


Photo by Noelle Johnson

6. Add a touch of autumn to a garden arch by attaching colorful, lightweight gourds using wire or sturdy twine. To accentuate the arch even further, group pots of colorful mums around the base of the arch.


Photo by Noelle Johnson

7. Decorate the front entry with brightly colored pumpkins. Don’t underestimate the impact that a simple group of pumpkins can add to this high-profile spot, which is inviting to visitors as well as trick-or-treaters.


Photo by Noelle Johnson

So where should you look for natural materials to decorate your fall garden? Farm side stands and farmers markets are great resources for items such as colorful mums, dried corn, and will often feature pumpkins in unusual colors and shapes.

These are but a few ideas to help you get your garden ready for fall. Other materials you may want to incorporate include corn stalks, hay bales, and pine cones. How will you decorate your garden in autumn?