Heirloom Gardener Spring 2017

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Ancient and Heirloom Beans
similarly pleasing to see and to taste, heirloom beans have a long and colorful past.

Around the World with the Hot Pepper
From its discovery in Toltec kingdoms to its use in modern kitchens, follow the journey of the traditional chile pepper.

Step-by-Step Vermicomposting
Small but mighty, worms can help transform food waste into high-quality compost that’s rich in nutrients.

Grow Turmeric and Ginger in Any Climate
These edible, flavorful roots thrive best in warmer climates, but with the proper attention and know-how you can grow them almost anywhere.

Holy Basil: The Zen Herb
Flavorful and medicinal, this unique basil is loved by gardeners and herbalists all over the world.

Famous Gardeners’ Favorite Hoes
Garden hoes have been around nearly as long as gardening. Despite their timeless design, different gardeners reach for certain hoes first.

Saving Heirloom Collards
The new Heirloom Collard Project seeks to document and protect hard-to-find collard seeds throughout the nation.

The ‘Ivan’ Tomato Rescue Project
Read how blogger Laura Flacks-Narrol saved this heirloom tomato cultivar from going extinct.

Plant-Based Dyes: Indigo, Madder, and Weld
If you can cultivate these three primary color plants, then you can create your own bright, natural dyes.

Lovely Lilies: Heirloom Crinums
The bulbs of heirloom crinums are fragrant, lovely, and something you can pass along to the next generation or gardeners.

Living Willow Sculptures and Fences
Find inspiration on how to work with willow rods and create your own unique fences, arbors, and more.

How to Start Beekeeping
Before you begin keeping bees, read about the tools and scheduling it might require, as well as the benefits of becoming a backyard apiarist.

Cold-Hardy Avocados
Discover these northern avocado cultivars that are hardy enough to survive without much heat.

Coir in the Garden
Try using coir— the pith from coconut processing that’s more sustainable than peat moss and just as effective as a growing medium.

Recipes to Use Spring Blooms
Create your own sweet honeysuckle syrup or fragrant rose water with fresh spring blooms.

‘Victoria’ Rhubarb: The Gold Standard
This classic heirloom rhubarb cultivar is prized throughout the world for its superior flavor, color, and size.


Field Notes
Perennial Pals

Mark your calendars; here are the dates that gardeners and naturalists alike won’t want to miss for spring 2017.

Botanical Bulletin
Greening Paris: The City of Light
High Glyphosate Levels Found in Common Processed Foods 
Citizen Science Project: The Big Bug Hunt

Roots Rx: Cherishing Spicebush
This spicy, lemony shrub with its rich history needs a reintroduction into the kitchens and medicine cabinets of North America.

Harvest Kitchen: Peas and Turnips
Turnips and peas are staples of spring that can be enjoyed in some simple and healthy recipes.

Sage Advice
Our expert team answers readers' questions about Jerusalem artichokes, heat-tolerant lavender cultivars, and early blight.

Herbarium: How Plants Use Nitrogen
Learn how complex nitrogen molecules are transformed into a substance that plants’ roots can access and use.

Family Heirlooms
Readers share stories of treasured family plants passed down for generations.

Check out our editors' favorite equipment for the home and garden this season including the Hoss Wheel Hoe, a garden hod, and Cowpots.

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