My Kind of Medicine

Hannah Kincaid

Hannah Kincaid, Managing Editor

Hannah Kincaid is managing editor for Heirloom Gardener and senior editor for Mother Earth News. Homeschooled, she grew up on a fifth-generation family farm outside of Lawrence, Kansas, and spent many years exploring the nearby wild prairie with her brothers. After college, during which she majored in journalism, Hannah spent two months backpacking through Europe and two weeks with her father biking through County Clare, Ireland.

Upon returning, Hannah joined the Ogden Publications team in 2012 and purchased her first home in 2015, a century-old white farmhouse on two acres. When she's not ripping up shag carpet or peeling off outdated wallpaper, she spends her spare time studying and growing native medicinal herbs, maintaining a large heirloom vegetable and cut-flower garden, hiking with her dogs, reading (mostly) fiction, and cooking meals from scratch with her loved ones. Hannah prefers red wine over white, Steinbeck over Hemingway, bluegrass over hip-hop, and dogs over cats.

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